Self defense for women with Women Only Krav Maga

Using self-defence as a woman in threatening situations correctly

The nice thing about KRAVolution Krav Maga self-defence for women is that it doesn’t depend on strength or size. Because our self-defence system consists of simple principles and techniques for self-defence, which are easily recalled in stressful and emergency situations. All our techniques are quick and easy to learn and therefore ready to use almost immediately. We show you how to defend yourself effectively.

No woman is a victim. Men who think that women cannot defend themselves against men will be taught better!

Even if the techniques in self-defense training for women are not much different from the mixed training, the lessons in the “Women Only” group are structured differently. Women are sometimes exposed to different attacks than men. This includes not only sexual assaults in particular, but also other threatening and attacking situations.

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Self-defence for women – Effective techniques for women in Krav Maga Institute

The “Women Only” training from the Krav Maga Institute specifically addresses the differences in size, physical strength and mental resilience in an emergency. In addition to techniques for self-defence, women learn a lot about men – about how they think, act and also how men prefer to attack. The participants learn to recognize dangers, to evade them and – if the situation escalates – to act correctly.

Women intuitively react differently than men in self-defence situations. That is why we offer special lessons only for women “Women Only” – either in seminar form, in a recurring and completed series of lessons over 8 weeks, or of course in the regular Women Only – Krav Maga Training. Our self-defense courses are held regularly at many locations near you!

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Self-defence for women – Carolin Kebekus tested it

You finally want to show the world that you are strong, confident and uncompromising and that you can fight back? You want to be prepared and prepared for all potential dangerous situations? Enough with the fear and the victim role! Learn Krav Maga – the popular and successful technique for self-defense. It does not matter how young you are or who you are – but especially women should be able to act confidently in any situation.

The famous German comedian Carolin Kebekus visited our institute and tested our training for you. The result is a very funny and vivid video.

What can women learn in our institute?

In our courses we teach comprehensive self-defence with all means. Krav Maga is one of the most effective forms of self-defence worldwide. Our training methods and are based on realistic threat situations. Krav Maga is about being able to defend yourself with all means. Learn how to defend yourself against one or more armed or unarmed opponents and to be able to free yourself from dangerous situations without harm! We teach the following methods for women:

  • Identification of dangerous situations and threats
  • Prevention by escaping from the dangerous situation
  • Various attacks and counter-attacks
  • Self-defence with everyday objects and aids
  • Self-defense with weapons.
  • Defense against one or more attackers

Self-defence for girls

Self-confidence is not a question of age. Even in childhood it is important to be able to defend oneself and to appear confident – especially as a girl. We offer self-defence for girls from the age of 4 with modern lessons to teach behaviour patterns for conflict resolution at an early age. The fun and the playful improvement of the fitness are not missed out in any case!

Self-defence for children

Frequently asked questions

by “Krav Maga freshmen”

  1. It is independent of physical fitness, age and weight

Many assume that women and young girls cannot defend themselves against stronger and bigger attackers or against men. This is not so! With our effective techniques for self-defence you can defend yourself against any attacker. Even against attacks with knives or attacks with two opponents. The self-defence system is designed for boys and girls from 4 years of age and even physically challenged people, such as blind people, can learn Krav Maga. From young girls to adult women – we will show you how to get out of threatening situations safely.

  1. You don’t need years of training.

Already after the first training you will feel more confident and secure when you run through the streets in the evening. All techniques of self-defense are based on intuitive movements and reflexes, so you don’t need years of training to be able to use them. The first contents, tips and tricks you can use safely after a short time. If you enjoy our training, you can still train with us for many years and improve your techniques and your fitness.

  1. More than just self-defence – conflict management and self-confidence

Krav Maga is about escaping from a dangerous situation unharmed. The safest remedy is always to defuse the conflict before it escalates or to flee. Therefore, our training is also about self-assertion, self-confidence and self-assurance.

Especially for women we offer the Women-Only-Seminar in our Krav Maga Institute. Only women take part in this seminar, as the contents are geared towards them. Since the attackers are often men, and unfortunately many women and girls still see them as potential victims because of their gender alone, we feel it is our responsibility to offer an effective training for women. How do I defend myself against one or more men at the same time? How do I recognize a danger? These questions will be answered in our seminar. Unfortunately, attacks on women and girls occur again and again. We would like to counteract this in the future by teaching women not to become a target and to avoid danger. With our help and tips you will be able to act correctly and uncompromisingly in case of an escalation. Appear self-confident and defend yourself with different techniques!

All women from the age of 18 can participate in our “Women-Only” courses (from 16 years of age you need the consent of a parent or guardian). Children and teenagers can attend our self-defence courses from the age of 4. No previous knowledge is necessary.

In our self-defence courses we train not only on mats, but in realistic locations. We want to prepare women as well as possible for unforeseen dangerous situations. This includes being taught by professional trainers and adapting the conditions to reality. Therefore we also offer our services at the following locations:

  1. Self-defense in a car/taxi
  2. Self-defense in the parking lot
  3. Self-defence on the train or bus
  4. Self-defense in the bar or club.
  5. Self-defence in confined spaces
  6. Self-defence in water

In our courses and seminars our trainers create artificial stress situations in order to be able to train with the women in a realistic way. In reality, self-defence and self-assertion is always associated with stress and/or fear. Therefore reflex-like movements and behaviour patterns are the basis of our training. This has the advantage that every woman can learn our system of self-defence. No years of training are necessary to perform self-confident, strong and attentive. We work with the following basic principles:

  1. Uncomplicated reaction under stress
  2. Open and flexible system – continuous development
  3. Unfair defence in case of emergency without compromise
  4. Tactical action – never freeze
  5. Defense by any means necessary
  6. Attack on vulnerable body parts
  7. No block without counter.

Being able to assert oneself is an important prerequisite for being able to use self-defence and assert oneself. But what exactly does this mean? If a person can assert his or her own opinion in a sovereign and determined manner and stand up for his or her own rights, he or she is showing self-assertion. Furthermore, the concept of self-assertion also includes self-defence and self-esteem. This also includes showing and maintaining one’s own limits. In concrete terms, this means communicating one’s thoughts and feelings honestly and directly to the other person.

In our self-defence courses for women, we teach self-confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem. Many people want to avoid conflicts by acting according to the wishes of their fellow men rather than their own. With us women learn to assert themselves and to say “No”!

To express one’s position confidently and to assert oneself are important skills that also play a major role in defending against assaults. In the case of mobbing, for example, it is important to show self-confidence in order not to be forced into the role of victim. In case of a serious conflict or danger situation you must be able to fall back on self-defence techniques. Self-assertion plays a large part in the effective implementation of these techniques. Learn to appreciate yourself, to protect yourself and to assert yourself – whether in front of men or women. Always radiate security, because you are not an easy victim!

Self-protection and self-defence does not only start with years of trained martial arts. Even before an attack occurs, you can defend yourself, show strength and self-confidence and thus deter the attacker. If you appear weak, the attacker will see you as a potential victim. Especially women and girls are often seen as targets.

Try to avoid dangerous situations right from the start. If you cannot prevent yourself from going out alone on the street at night, always be alert and act confidently. It is important to recognize dangerous situations before they escalate. You should always use your mind for this. With certain objects, such as the key, you can defend yourself in an emergency. You should also always have your mobile phone at hand to call for help as soon as possible. Try not to panic, but to radiate confidence, strength and calm.

If you are surrounded by people, talk to them directly to get help. Often no person feels specifically addressed when someone calls for help. If it is possible, try to escape immediately. If your feeling shows you that a potential attacker is superior, avoid a threat.

In an emergency, you should be able to defend yourself with all means. In our Krav Maga trainings you also learn that giving up should never be an option. The priority is not to get hurt and to get out of the situation without any harm. We will show you how to avoid injuries and how to apply further tips and techniques for self-defence correctly.

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The right training for everyone – use self-defence effectively!

Krav Maga is suitable for everyone. You can learn self-defense in our regular courses or in individual seminars. Our training is aimed at men, women, teenagers or children – regardless of age, fitness or size. Women can learn effective self-defense in our mixed trainings as well as in our special “Women-Only” seminars. We also offer special training courses for police & justice, as well as for rescue services and the military.

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Self-defence for women

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