Self-assertion is topical and very important

It describes the awareness of one’s own rights and limits and the ability to communicate these to the outside world. Not only children and adolescents should be able to assert themselves, but many adults also lack the ability to assert their own point of view at work or in everyday life. A lack of self-assertion can lead to frustration, stress and overload in everyday life, but also to bullying, sexual assault or violence. Learn to protect yourself. Our system is an effective technique for self-assertion. It increases self-confidence and you learn effective defence techniques – verbally and with physical effort. Our schools offer many different courses for different target groups:

Assertiveness for adults
Assertiveness for women
Assertiveness for young people
Assertiveness for children
Self-assertion for people with disabilities and much more

You would also like to learn to assert yourself in the future? Then learn in 2019 what it means to go through life with confidence! Simply register for a trial training in our schools all over Germany – also in your area.

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What is assertiveness?

Self-assertion comprises three essential aspects:


Self-assertion means asserting one’s own position with sovereignty and perseverance. In common parlance it is therefore often equated with assertiveness. Standing up for one’s own rights and maintaining one’s own limits falls under self-assertion. Self-assertion is not about aggressiveness. It is described as neither passive nor aggressive behaviour. In self-assertion, feelings and thoughts are conveyed to the other person in an honest and direct form. The own convictions are asserted self-confidently. Many people tend to satisfy others and act according to the wishes and ideas of superiors, family members or friends in order to avoid conflicts. With our self-assertion courses you learn to react more confidently in conflict situations, whether at work or in your free time. Learn to say “no” with confidence.

Learning assertiveness step by step

Self-assertion includes not only the assertion of one’s own wishes, but also defending against attacks such as bullying with words. Self-assertion is about showing self-confidence and not taking a victim’s stance. In the event of a serious danger situation, self-assertion also includes self-defence. Our trainings teach self-defence for many different threatening situations – be it on the bus, in a club or on the street. Everybody should learn self-defence. With our effective self-defence system, anyone – regardless of age, gender or fitness – can learn to protect themselves.

Only those who value themselves can assert themselves in an emergency. This means that self-assertion goes hand in hand with the knowledge that one is valuable and important. Our courses therefore not only train techniques, but also security and self-esteem. Because self-assertion has to come from yourself. It is about protecting yourself and not relying on others.

You want to learn how to assert yourself – whether in everyday life or in real dangerous situations? Then contact our experienced trainers and sign up for a trial training in 2019. Our self-defence courses are available at many locations in Germany, such as Berlin, Bremen, Düsseldorf or Cologne. Our professional trainers are looking forward to meeting you!

What are the causes of lack of self-assertion?

The first cause of lack of self-assertion is a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. Many people feel trapped in a spiral of oppression or stress. Another reason for little self-assertion is a pronounced need for harmony. The desire to always have to please families, colleagues or the boss results in the fact that one’s own wishes are always put on the back burner. Another factor is the fear of rejection. Those who can assert themselves are not afraid of conflict. To assert oneself is sometimes associated with difficulties that many people prefer to avoid. As a result, other people who are not afraid of this feeling will always overstep your boundaries.

In real danger situations many people have inhibitions to become perpetrators themselves. This prevents many people from effectively protecting themselves in an emergency. Self-defence is regulated in the law of self-defence. In self-assertion everything is allowed that gets you out of the situation unharmed. However, most people fear punishment if they defend themselves (too early) and thus become victims of violence or sexual assault. In our training, children and adults learn to assess relationships. We will show you how to free yourself safely from an emergency situation. Self-defence is not a crime. Our self-defence system does not follow any sporting rules, but everything is allowed that frees itself from the situation. You would also like to learn how to correctly assess the proportionality of self-defence? Then get in touch with us. You can either take part in our regular courses on self-assertion or in a seminar. Our seminars are completed and usually last eight weeks. Simply contact one of our schools in Germany. We are also represented near you, for example in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Bremen or Cologne.

Why is it important to learn self-assertion?

A lack of self-assertion is often accompanied by a lack of self-confidence. The result is frustration, overload and diminishing respect. But there can also be far worse consequences such as bullying, sexual harassment or even violence.

For one thing, you learn to protect yourself. You no longer want to be a victim of exploitation, unfair behaviour or disrespect? Then you should learn techniques for self-assertion. That way you can show others that you do not let yourself be “pushed around”. However, this is not achieved with aggressiveness, but with an open and strong appearance. In the case of a dangerous situation like a violent assault you should be able to defend yourself. With our self-defence system you learn to free yourself effectively, directly and quickly from dangerous situations. Many offenders use weapons or unfair, aggressive behaviour. Everyone can learn to defend themselves and their loved ones in an emergency!

Self-assertion promotes satisfaction. You protect yourself from unpleasant situations, stress or even danger. You no longer have to do things that go against your values and principles. Your opinion is respected and more often brought into decisions.

Self-assertion strengthens your self-esteem. Self-assertion shows you that it is worth fighting for your own views. You move on an equal footing with others. In stressful and dangerous situations you can act more confidently and apply de-escalating measures.

You would like to know how our courses on self-assertion are structured? Then get in touch with us – by e-mail or telephone. We look forward to your inquiries!

Self-assertion – How do I learn to assert myself?

Realizing self-assertion is usually only possible with practice. Especially if self-assertion has failed in a previous situation, it is difficult to make your limits clear next time.

We have summarized a few useful tips for practicing self-assertion in everyday life:

Don’t let yourself be manipulated by tricks and tactics. Learn to say “no” when an arrangement contradicts your principles or wishes.
Do not give others the opportunity to threaten or insult you
Always remain calm and radiate self-confidence
Learn to express your point of view confidently and yet treat the other person’s opinion with respect and decency.
Be prepared to express your thoughts, feelings and wishes.

Self-assertion is your shield against rejection, humiliation and harassment. It is a success-oriented behaviour. Many articles on the Internet give useful tips on how to increase your self-confidence, but assertiveness can only be learned in real stress situations. Many of the techniques mentioned for assertiveness need to be tested. A professional training with experienced instructors is suitable for this. Our training is an excellent way to strengthen your self-assertion. Self-assertion must come from yourself, therefore it can be trained and improved with training. Through artificial stress situations our training helps you to train your self-assertion and to apply these techniques in real life. Do you have questions about course contents or the structure of our courses? Then contact our trainers. We are happy to advise you! Register for a trial training session at our school in 2019.


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The right training for everyone – use self-defence effectively!

Krav Maga is suitable for everyone. You can learn self-defense in our regular courses or in individual seminars. Our training is aimed at men, women, teenagers or children – regardless of age, fitness or size. Women can learn effective self-defense in our mixed trainings as well as in our special “Women-Only” seminars. We also offer special training courses for police & justice, as well as for rescue services and the military.

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Self-defence for women

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Military Krav Maga for soldiers

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Self-defence for Kids & Teenagers

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Customized Krav Maga

Self-assertion – how do I react correctly in an emergency?

With words you can achieve a lot, even in serious confrontations on the street. Those who defuse a conflict situation with words in advance can avoid serious violence and injuries. First of all, one must learn to assess the danger situation correctly. Some people are out for conflict and try to cause a brawl by provocation. The goal of self-assertion is always to defuse a conflict without violence. Therefore, good communication is one of the most important techniques of self-assertion. Friendliness and understanding often have a de-escalating effect. In everyday life there are many situations which can quickly lead to violent assaults, such as clashes with alcoholics and aggressive persons or groups as well as inappropriate behaviour on public transport. In threatening situations where you are insulted or provocatively insulted, always try to stay calm. Get your counterpart off guard with objectivity and respect. Speak to other people personally to help them.

Especially women or girls often remain silent when they feel sexually harassed. You should never react passively to this. In our self-defence training you will learn how to deter offenders with verbal attacks and how to quickly free yourself from unpleasant situations. In such situations, our trainers train you to draw attention to your circumstances. You learn to say “stop” directly and to underline this with actions in an emergency.

There are different forms of verbal communication that can be used in dangerous situations. Our trainers show you when you should stay calm and when you need to raise your voice immediately. You are interested in a self-assertion course? Then sign up for a trial training in one of our schools in 2019!

Self-assertion – what forms of training are there?

There are many different courses and trainings in Germany to learn self-defense. At our school the learning of self-assertion is based on Krav Maga. This is one of the most successful self-defence systems worldwide. It was developed in the 1930s for Israeli combat as a close combat system. Since then it has been continuously developed and influenced by other martial arts such as boxing and wrestling. Today, not only military forces but also civilians all over the world can learn the system. Krav Maga is an open and flexible system. It is always adapted by our trainers to current threat situations.

Assertiveness courses and characteristics of dangerous situations

Our training primarily trains the prevention of dangerous situations. Conflict situations should be avoided first and foremost. In case of sexual harassment, therefore, direct and effective self-assertion is trained. Most threatening situations can be avoided if a clear (loud) “stop” puts the perpetrator out of action right from the start. The verbal attack is just as important as proper self-defence. Many women and girls do not dare to draw attention to threatening situations verbally by shouting loudly, but this alone often prevents further dangers. In our training we will show you how to assert yourself confidently. Learn to draw boundaries, to recognize threatening behavior, to act de-escalating or to defend yourself or other people with all means in an emergency. Our trainers teach you effective techniques and tips that you can apply immediately.

In our courses we work with artificial stress situations. This kind of self-assertion is based on natural reflexes and behaviour patterns and teaches you to use them quickly and with concentration in an emergency. Our system does not need to be trained for years, but can improve your behaviour in an emergency after only a few training units. With us you will strengthen your self-confidence in 2019. Don’t let other people exceed your limits in 2019!

Self-assertion – what tips are there for your own defence?

It is not necessary to train martial arts for years to be able to protect yourself. In reality, perpetrators look for victims who seem weak. If you assert yourself and defend yourself from the beginning, the risk for the perpetrator increases. Many perpetrators are deterred by this.

Use your mind and recognize dangerous situations before they become extreme and escalate. In addition, dangerous situations should be avoided from the outset. Also men should not go out alone on the street at night in some areas. If it is unavoidable, walk confidently and alertly. Keep your mobile phone or a key ready for defence without looking panicky. You should always try to radiate calm, strength and self-confidence.

Draw attention to yourself. If you are on the train or bus, talk to people directly if you need help. Anonymous calls for help are often ignored. Leaving or fleeing is always the first option. Do you feel threatened? Then leave before it comes to an attack. Running away is not cowardly, but clever. Especially when the perpetrator is superior.

In an emergency, be prepared to defend yourself by any means necessary. Giving up should never be an option. You learn that in our training sessions The ultimate goal is not to get hurt and to escape from the situation unscathed. That means, we show you how not to get hurt. Come to a training in 2019! We have many tips and techniques that you can still use in 2019.

Who can learn self-assertion?

Everyone can learn self-assertion in 2019! Our assertiveness courses can be attended by anyone regardless of age, gender, physical fitness or previous experience. That is why our system is so effective. We offer many different courses for men, women, teenagers and children in 2019.

Assertiveness for women

Our “Women-Only” courses are specially designed to help women assert themselves. In terms of content they hardly differ from our other courses for adults. However, women learn a lot about the special characteristics of men. Our trainers attach great importance to imparting concrete knowledge about attacking techniques, typical behaviour and vulnerable spots of men. Women and girls are often victims of sexual assaults and do not know how to defend themselves well. In our training women learn that they do not have to be inferior to men. Through many useful and quickly learnable tips you can effectively stand up to one or more attackers after just a few hours. Women can attend a weekly course with us or participate in an eight-week seminar. Register now for a trial training – you can find our institute at many locations near you. Would you like to learn more? Check out our article on the “Women Only” seminar or contact us by email or phone.

Assertiveness for children and young people

Children can attend our modern Kids courses from the age of 4. In doing so, we give the children a healthy self-assessment. Fun is of course the first priority in this training. Self-confidence is strengthened through play and techniques for conflict avoidance are trained. In addition, the children’s safety, coordination and physical fitness are improved. Attention and self-confidence are trained in our Kids Training. The focus of this training is on conflict avoidance and the prevention of physical confrontations. Nevertheless, the children and teenagers learn to assert themselves and to assert themselves confidently against fellow students and adults without appearing aggressive or disrespectful. You also want your daughter or son to be able to assert themselves? Then contact us! Here children learn how to take good care of themselves.

How does our training train self-assertion?

Self-assertion in real life is always associated with stress or fear. That is why artificial stress situations are also created during our training sessions. The basis of our training are reflex-like movements and behaviour patterns, therefore everyone can learn our system – even people with little time. Those who could defend themselves in an emergency will also appear with self-confidence in less serious situations.

The basic principles of our self-defence are as follows:

  • Uncomplicated functionality under stress
  • open and flexible system – continuous development
  • Unfair and uncompromising defence in case of emergency
  • Tactical mindset – never freeze
  • Defense by any means necessary
  • Attack on vulnerable body parts

Our trained instructors are always role models, true to the military approach. They are taken seriously and perform professionally. Our instructors are good fighters, but even better teachers. Our instructors are disciplined and train regularly themselves to always teach the best techniques.

Get in contact with us! We are available for you by e-mail, phone or personally. We train more self-confidence for a happier life as well as effective defence techniques for a safer life. There are many articles about self-assertion and self-confidence, but you can only learn this knowledge in a real training! Learn Krav Maga and in the future other people will respect your limits!