A self-defense situation is stress! Therefore, effective self-defence systems do not rely on complicated martial arts, but on techniques that are as simple as possible. Our Head Instructor and Krav Maga Trainer Carsten Draheim explains the principles of the Israeli close combat system in the new issue of TACTICAL GEAR magazine.

In our Krav Maga classes not only techniques but also scenarios are trained. The unique selling point that distinguishes Krav Maga from martial arts and combat sports is the uncompromising nature of the techniques and their availability, even in extreme situations. For this reason, it is important that all Krav Maga techniques follow natural human behaviour patterns and movements, even under stress. Part of the training is therefore the simulation of threat scenarios, adapted to current threat situations, combined with high stress, which can be generated in different ways, physically and mentally. In the new TACTICAL GEAR you will find a comprehensive report about our Krav Maga training with Carsten Draheim on 9 pages with many pictures, a text about the principles of Krav Maga and an interview with Carsten with questions like: “what makes Krav Maga different from other known SV systems”. Answers to these questions can be found in the new TACTICAL GEAR 3-2019, published by Wieland Verlag GmbH, D-83043 Bad Aibling, Germany, distributed by IPS Pressevertrieb GmbH and available in well-assorted magazineshops!