In our Krav Maga courses at the Krav Maga Institute Cologne, doctors and their practice teams learn to defend themselves against aggressive patients.

There is a nice article of the DZW – Die Zahnarzt-Woche (published 03/2018) in our own magazine as well as online:

Self-defence for aggressive and assaulting patients
My practice, my rules!

In an interview, Carsten Draheim gives further tips on how best to behave when a patient is aggressive.

In addition to the regular Krav Maga training, the Krav Maga Institute also offers specialist training. At best, this training takes place at the customer’s location, as here in our own practice and with the entire team. The advantage is that the training contents can be conveyed much better in a real environment, since the training is not only theoretically conducted on mats. In addition, such a company event strengthens the “we-feeling” in the team. So everyone knows what to do in an emergency – and it’s fun too!

You can find more information about Krav Maga as a company sport at HERE.

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