Flight safety escorts or “Sky”- or Air Marshals, as the undercover security forces are called in international parlance, are not elite police officers, although they have to undergo a hard and demanding specialized training, which usually brings the participants not only physically but also from psyschich to their borders.

The Krav Maga training – the training of the ability to defend oneself and especially third persons – is an important part of this. Basically, it is about teamwork and the training of scenarios from the everyday work of the Sky Marshals. The Krav Maga Sky-Marshall course is a defensive self-defence lesson adapted to the service. The main goal is to make decisions in a fraction of a second, decisions which, in case of doubt, have an impact on the life and death of passengers and crew of an aircraft. In the new Command International Special Operations Magazine short K-ISOM No. 4/2016 it is exactly about this topic! An exciting report by our Lead Instructor Carsten Draheim over 4 pages with numerous pictures shows scenarios from our everyday training for this special target group.