On Saturday, the 15.02.2020 from 10:00 – 13:00 o’clock in Cologne-Deutz an exciting Krav Maga training on the topic – safely through the jecke Zick – takes place.
Various scenarios will be trained, such as tactical movement in large crowds, defence in bottle and knife attacks against one or more attackers and self-assertion for women against sexual assaults.

With this seminar we would like to give you a bit more self-confidence in carnival, to celebrate the 5th season carefree but above all safe.
Whoever then would like to see Carsten flying back and forth in costume is welcome! 😉

To appear in costume is not obligatory – but it’s even more fun! If you come to this seminar dressed up,
you will receive a discount of 5,00EUR on the seminar fee. Please inform us in advance about your costume under office@krav-maga-institut.de

You’ll find your ticket to the event HERE



And to give you a better idea of the wild buzz,
here is a video from last year’s KRAValaaf seminar: