How do you deal with abusive patients?

If you have to ask yourself this question, it is unfortunately usually already too late. In order that you don’t go into shock at the decisive moment, we don’t just show you how to defend yourself in an emergency. Recognizing dangers early on is also part of the training. A specialist newspaper writes that male patients often rate a smile as a intercourse attempt .

Do you still feel safe?

Perhaps you have experienced it yourself, heard about it from colleagues or it has been reported in the media at the latest. More and more often doctors and your team are aggressively attacked. An attack starts with verbal statements. If you do not draw a clear line here, you may find yourself in a situation that nobody wants to be in.

Krav Maga is the modern way of team building and can be booked as an event for practices. You can provide your own room in your practice or come with your team to one of our sites.

We show you how you can protect yourself!

“My practice, my rules!” With these clear words the DZW has also published a contribution to the training for practice teams at the Krav Mag Institute. The demand for self-defence training for practice teams or colleagues from the rescue service is high. For these courses, the Krav Maga Institute can rely on two very experienced trainers, one of whom is even a doctor himself, while the other has been involved in the rescue service for years.

The training and also the times can be arranged flexibly in one conversation. We will advise you on the various possibilities or you can take part in a free trial training session:

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