“After 25 years of professional life and classical martial arts training, my motto is still: Keep your mind open, develop yourself further and never stop your own process. Never specified to a certain style, I have always tried to get the best out of everything and pass it on to others. This is how I came to Krav Maga and was immediately enthusiastic. Here you are not concerned that something looks beautiful, but that it is effective. A foundation that has always been very close to my heart. A system that is suitable for everyone and every age because of its simplicity and effectiveness. It is not a club training, but a training for people who want to protect themselves against attacks and assaults and the constant increase of violence in society, and who also want to face the whole thing preventively and increase their own moral courage … just like me!


  • Sports instructor at the Krav Maga Institute
  • Sports and Self Protection
  • licensed sports trainer DOSB with focus on posture and movement prevention, cardiovascular training prevention
  • Personal trainer
  • with the authorities of the State of NRW

Fighting- & Selfdefense Skills

  • Blackbelt Taekwondo-Hapkido
  • Kick -and Thaiboxing
  • Ju Jutsu

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