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Immediate counter-attacks in the face of the attacker follow again, taking into account the vulnerable points, sometimes even throat strikes – anything that helps to dissuade the attacker from his intention to stab you. This attack is about your life.

With the other hand you secure the attacker’s attack arm with a hook. So you hook your hand, your elbow must be under the elbow of the attacker, so that he can hardly pull his arm out downwards. This only works if you exert a lot of pressure with your shoulder and elbow forward towards the attacker. If he goes backwards, you go with him, if he goes to the side, you go with him.

After the counterattack, your two hands go over your outstretched arms to the weapon hand of the attacker, preferably one hand from above and one hand from below. Since your arms are stretched out and your hands firmly clasp the attacker’s knife hand, you are now back at the correct distance for kicks. Kick sharply into the belly of the attacker, on his knee or in the genital area.

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