Important notes and conditions for participation in the free Krav Maga Institut trial training

The following participant would like to take part in the Krav Maga trial training and by signing this document he/she explicitly agrees to the following conditions:

The participant is aware of the fact that he is taking part in a trial training of a full contact sport. He/she is aware that in full-contact sports there is a risk of mutual harm even if the rules are observed. The participant will follow the instructions of the trainer at all times and will take into account both his own physical condition and the physical condition of his training partner. The participant accepts those injuries that cannot be avoided even if the rules set by the trainer and generally accepted by the participants are observed. He bears the usual risk of injury. The participant undertakes to inform the trainer of any physical restrictions before the start of the training and his respective training partner before exercising the respective exercises. An accident insurance is recommended. The participant should wear a deep protection during the training. This can be borrowed from the organizer for the trial training. A dental protection is also recommended.

The participant agrees that any photos, film recordings and interviews made in connection with the event may be published. He waives any claims in this regard.